Posted by: mouse4j | January 27, 2010

Virtual Events – A Perfect Platform for eLearning & Training- Part 2

Welcome back to the blog and our ongoing discussion on elearning, as it relates to virtual events. Last week, I shared some of the key strategies on how to deliver an effective training event for a hypothetical scenario-‘Implementing Office 2007 into an enterprise.’ and now this week, I’d like to expatiate on that topic:

4. Show Me the Money
Utilize live break out sessions where experts can demonstrate techniques that will make the users job more productive. (i.e. Pivot Tables, Lists, and Scenarios from Excel)

5. Man the Stations
Each of the technologies being implemented should have their own learning booth. Staff the booths with the most knowledgeable technical resources who can address any questions the employees might have about the technology. Ensure the booths have premium content such as demonstrations, FAQs, and white papers to add value to each user’s visit.

6. Build the Community

The immediacy of an event will draw your employees, however it’s the community that will create added value. Ensure all of the presentations are recorded and posted in the community and the learning materials in the booths are updated on a timely basis. Use chat cafés and meeting rooms for collaboration.

7. Monitor Feedback
Survey your users and implement their recommendation on what aspect of the technologies they want more training on (Ribbons, Transitions, etc.)

I hope the strategies that I outlined, using the hypothetical example provided good insight on how efficient and cost effective it can be to use a virtual event solution for your elearning and training needs.

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